Where is your old self? "Chi of happiness road"


Voice Actors: Gui Lung Mei, Jang Bo Jung, Liao Feijen, Way Dashon [Japanese dubbing] Kiyono Anno, Natsumi Takamori, LiLiCo, Hiroyuki Okiura
Staff: Director: Song Shin Yin, Subtitle Translation: Takuro Tanabe, Cooperation: Taiwan Cultural Center, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, courtesy: Takeshobo / Frontier Works

Dusk seen from the bridge, nostalgic smell, I met on Happiness Road that I forgot that day. Chi, who lives in the United States, is informed that her grandmother in Taiwan has died. My hometown after a long absence is very different from my memory. The canal is well maintained, and skyscrapers line up in the distance. Even if she meets her classmate, she doesn't know who she is. Did I change so much? Starting from a young day that moved to Happiness Road, Chi begins to trace her life so far-