A boy who can't accept the death of his dog is "Franken Winnie"


Production Company: Walt Disney

Staff: Director: Tim Burton, Producer: Tim Burton / Alison Abbat, Executive Producer: Don Hahn, Production Designer: Rick Heinrichs, Art Director: Tim Browning, Editing: Chris Lebenzon, Music: Danny ・ Elfman, Director of Photography: Peter Sorg, Screenplay: John August

Victor lives in a small town and loves science. Next to him was always the best buddy, the dog, Sparky. One day, an unfortunate accident kills Sparky. Victor, who cannot accept the death, applies the "experiment of electricity" learned in science class to bring Sparky back to his family secretly. Sparky revived as "Fran Dog (Ken)" full of patches. However, he leaves the house without realizing that he is "dead," and his "impossible appearance" is witnessed by Victor's classmates. Then, children who learned Victor's ideas revived pets and animals one after another, and the city was in great trouble.