Native American daughter meets British explorer "Pocahontas" @ animated film


Start Date: Summer 1995 Screening Start Date: July 22, 1995
Production Company: Walt Disney

Voice actors: Irene Bedard, Judy Kuhn, Mel Gibson, Linda Hunt, David Ogden Stayers, Christian Bale, Russell Means

Staff: Director: Mike Gabriel / Eric Goldberg, Screenwriter: Carl Binder / Susanna Grant / Philip Laszbnick, Production: James Pentecost, Music: Alan Menken / Steven Schwartz, Art Director: Michael Giaimo

The setting is in the United States in the early 17th century. The main character, Pocahontas, is a daughter of the indigenous Pauatan. Blessed with vibrant curiosity and abundant intelligence, she roams freely in the rich wilderness with her mischievous raccoon mico and hummingbird frit. Appearing in front of her was British explorer John Smith. Despite his ambitions to conquer the New Continent, the two ponder each other from the moment they meet and deepen their understanding beyond the environment and language barriers where they were born and raised. However, the rivalry between the expedition and the indigenous peoples targeting the wealth is only fierce, and they have set up to stop the struggle.