The story of the lion, the king of the nation of animals “Lion King” Animated film

The main character is Simba, a son of Mufasa, a lion who is the king of the land of animals, Prideland. Despite being chased by the uncle, Scar's plot, he was forced to leave the country as a child, but through the appearance of a sympa that grew up robustly supported by the pleasant friends he met on the journey, depicting the bonds of family and the splendor of nature Works. It has been loved for a long time, including a sequel and a TV anime featuring the main character, Shion's son, Caion.


Start time: Summer screening in 1994Start date: July 23, 1994
Production Company: Walt Disney

Voice Actors: James Earl Jones, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Matthew Broderick, Nikita Callum, Moira Kelly, Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabera, Rowan Atkinson, Robert Jirome, Madge Sinclair , Woopy Goldberg

Staff: Director: Roger Allers / Rob Minkoff, Production: Don Hahn, Production Conductor: Tom Schumacker / Sara MacArthur, Screenplay: Irene Metch / Jonathan Roberts / Linda Woolverton, Theme Song Insert Song: Elton John / Tim Rice, Original Composition / Arrangement: Hans Zimmer

Simba, born between the savannah kings and the lions Mufasa and Sarabi, always plays with her childhood friend, Nara. Mufasa continues to teach his son what is important as a king. One day, Mfasa's younger brother Scar assassinates her brother and nephew and plans to become king.