Makeover with magic words "Cinderella" Animation movie


Start: 1992 Spring Screening Start: April 25, 1992
Production Company: Walt Disne

Despite being bullied by her stepmother and sisters, Cinderella lives brightly, believing that she will be happy someday. One day, a ball is held at the castle and Cinderella wants to go. When the fairy grandmother appears and spells the magic word "Bibidi Babidi Boo", Cinderella transforms into a beautiful figure that just shines, and with the help of smart and naughty rats, the prince in the castle You can spend a dreamlike time with you. However, with the promise of a fairy grandmother, after 12 o'clock at night, the pumpkin carriage and dress disappear. The prince searches the whole country for information on the glass shoes left by Cinderella.