"Yo-Kai Watch Shadow Side: Demon King's Revival" Bracelets for Manipulating Youkai (Watch) Japanese Anime Movie


Start time: 2017 screening start date: December 16, 2017
Production Company: OLM Genre: Family Kids

Voice Actor: Moe Kamishiroishi, Yuta Chiba

Staff: Director: Ushilo Shinji, Screenplay: Hino Akihiro, Youkai & Character Design Draft: Nagano Takuzo / Tanaka Miho, Art Concept: Yanai Nobuyuki, Acoustic Director: Hata Shoni, Music: Nishigo Kenichiro

Once upon a time, there was a boy with a strange “bracelet (watch)” that manipulates a youkai. However, when the boy grew up, he disappeared from youkai. After finishing his role, the "bangles" were buried behind space-time. ... 30 years later ... The calm everyday life ends, and the day of fate begins with the approaching comet. The terrible youkai virus "Onimaro" is infected by human malice and multiplies indefinitely ... The one who can save the danger of human destruction is chosen by Youkai Watch. Can you get a new youkai watch and regain the bond between humans and youkai?