"The Little Peso of the Aquindo Star" The Best Money Making in the Universe Japanese TV Anime


Start date: Spring 2017 broadcast date: April 3, 2017-
Production Company: FAN WORKS / Fever Creations Genre: Family Kids

Voice Actor: Ryoko Hara, Takuya Eguchi, Toshiharu Sakurai

Staff: Director: Ryosuke Aoike, Screenplay: Ryosuke Aoike, Character Design: SoWhat, Inc., Produced by: Imagineer Corporation

Akindo stars, the ancestors, the most profitable stars in the universe. However, the prince of the star, Peso, is a gutara life full of billing for mobile games every day. One day, the king finally cuts off and said, "Collect the gold of the whole universe here!" A business battle with unique aliens you meet everywhere you go. Peso struggles with his own flicker. The story of money in the universe that can make you laugh and get some money.